Learn Meditation.

Mindfulness Meditation provides tools and techniques to improve your life.

-reduce depression and anxiety
-remove stress
-sleep better
-improve overall well being by focusing your mind on the present
-be happier

Meditation is slowly being recognized by the scientific community as powerful means to treat anxiety, depression and increase overall happiness.

A few decades ago Jon Kabbat Zin began using meditation to help patients dealing with chronic pain. Immediately he saw amazing results. He formulated an eight week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program to teach these techniques.

Harvard neuroscientists did an experiment with 16 students doing an eight week Mindfulness Meditation program. The results showed an increase in grey matter of the brain. That correlates to an increase in areas of the brain involved in memory and learning, regulating emotions, sense of self and perspective. Other studies have shown similar results.

We offer 8 week Mindfulness course led by  Lou Carascole

It has made me more aware of myself in general even when I’m not meditating – how I’m feeling, what I’m thinking, sensations in my body, how I react to things that happen.


From October to December 2016 we ran the 8 week Mindfulness Course with Lou. Participants were given a methodical test on the first and last days to measure the impact of the course. They were also given a final survey. Below are some of the results.

In what ways, if any, do you feel the program has made a difference in your life?

• I enjoy my current role as caregiver to my children much more. I rarely raise my voice now, and the children seem a bit calmer, too!
• I know there is a better way to view myself in the world and other people – it’s a nicer way!
• I started to day ‘no’ to things that I don’t need, became more confident. I feel stronger and think more clearly.
• I feel more calm! I’m learning to “respond vs react” which is nice
• It hasn’t yet but it will if I practice regularly. One day, meditation will be a mandatory subject in public schools as it’s so powerful and important.
• Permanent life changing benefit
• Actually knowing I have a new skill I can use to help me with anxiety and stress
• more relaxed in everyday life. Acceptance. Less worrying about small things.
• I am practicing and improving ………..daily meditation & trying to be a better person
• The program has provided me with more resilience and equanimity in general/everyday life
• It has made me more aware of myself in general even when I’m not meditating – how I’m feeling, what I’m thinking, sensations in my body, how I react to things that happen.

If you were speaking with someone who was considering taking the program, what would you say to them?

• It allows you to stop fighting with what is and embrace your life more.
• It’s probably not what you think, but do it anyway; you will learn something valuable.
• Even though my decrease (stress assessment score) was not huge, I can say that I got my life back. I am a control freak, it started to harm my health. This course helped me to stop self destruction. I will continue.
• It would change your life! ….no kidding; it would help you with a few things in life, such as reduce stress and increase equanimity
• Meditation is good for almost everyone – learn it and do it.
• Do not hesitate: GO for it!
• Helped to become more relaxed.
• If you are looking to improve your life in both physical and spiritual way, this is one of the safest & fastest ways to achieve it.
• It is harmless, no down-side, and an excellent opportunity to turn off auto-pilot, be aware
• It helps you become more aware of yourself and the way you handle things in life with the intention of improving those ways.
• Great! I’m sad it’s over.
• Lou’s “Mindfulness Voice” is unique and calming and will always be stuck in my head – a good thing!
• I enjoyed this program very much and it did open a whole new world of meditation and calmness to me. Thank you Lou!!
• I love the recordings. I find them tremendously centering and relaxing but fair in terms of what is asked of us to do. Effort is expected. I really am relieved when you say it is normal for the mind to wander & to not get angry with oneself.
• Thank you!!!

In practicing meditaiton, we don’t try to answer questions. Rather we just observe the impulse to get up from the sitting, or to get caught in the thoughts that come into the mind
— Jon Kabat-Zinn


What will I gain from taking the course?
• A significant & measurable reduction in stress levels (On average, attendees experience a 50%-90% stress reduction, which is calculated at the beginning and end of the course.)
• Tools to begin your own consistent and successful meditation practice
• Increased function and drive throughout your day, as you learn specific techniques to focus your mind and navigate through difficult situations more easily
• Support Material/Audio, so you can practice at home when the course is complete
• The ability to achieve a deep state of awareness and clarity on your own, overcoming stress and anxiety
• An understanding of what mindfulness meditation is and how and why it works physically, mentally, and emotionally.
This sounds great! What will we do in class?
Each week will include:
• A new exercise, which will build on the skills you develop each week • A different meditation to deepen you relaxation and manage your anxiety,
• Build up from mini intro meditations to an extended meditation, and still be able to focus the mind
• Learn various techniques for successful breath work and body scanning
• A short lesson on theory to deepen your understanding of how meditation actually works to create beneficial results on a physical, mental, and emotional level
• Homework to help you put mindfulness into action each week outside of class, helping you to integrate the techniques into your daily life with ease
• One-on-one support to address your questions as they arise

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