Private and Semi-Private Sessions

Join a series of classes with your partner, friends or individually.  Gather together a group of 4 people and pay for a personalized session at a cost similar to a regular drop-in class at a larger studio. When you practice in a smaller group expect quicker and more effective results than in a large class. One size does not fit all. Stretch in safe and more effective ways with the personalized guidance on an experienced instructor familiar with your particular needs. Book a class at a time most convenient for you. How much do you value optimal health ? What would you do to help reverse aging and feel more energized and relaxed ?

Alot of the chronic pain and inflexbility I was feeling had to do with tightness in my muscle joints...This is primarily focused on flexbility and relaxation
— Dr. Jenn, long time Fireflow student

Fireflow offers private, semi-privates and small sessions in our garden studio down the road from Fiesta Farms, a short walk from Christie Station. For the price of a little more than a regular drop-in class experience the benefits of a personalized practice. Try it out. We offer an introductory offer on the first two private sessions (60 minutes X 2 sessions) .

$100 (+HST) for 2 sessions ($50/session). Bring up to 4 people.

Limited Time Offer

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