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NFL quarterback Tom Brady continues to remain a premier player in his forties.  He has written about this diet and routine which keeps him in top form beyond others of his generation.  His regiment consists of a very specific diet, meditation, and non-tradional workout such as yoga.  The diet has very strict rules - it’s primarily vegan. It is anti-inflammation so includes avoiding mushroom, tomatoes, and eggplants. It limits dairy, gluten, sugar, flour, alcohol, and salt. His workout might be an easier place to begin. Start with a solid yoga practice focused on stretching, core centred movement, and using body weight to find internal balance. The yoga taught at Fireflow will provide you the same regimented yoga poses practiced by Tom Brady. Expect to increase flexibility, mobility, increase recovery time, play better, decrease back pain and body aches, increase focus, and reduce stress.

It’s great for flexibility, it’s therapeutic, and great for your attitude.
— Tom Brady
I workout but this is a different workout. It’s working a lot of different parts of my body that I don’t use…It’s a fantastic, comfortable, warm environment where yoga should be taught
— Kyle

Yoga has been proscribed to improve sports performance of all ages. A study recommended highly stressed NCAA athletes do yoga to reduce stress and improve recovery times.

“From the literature, there is a scientific rationale to understand and anticipate physiological effects such as decreased muscle soreness, heart rate variability, and oxidative stress and psychological effects of improved mood, decreased anxiety, and depression in terms of yoga efficacy. Based on this rationale, introduction of yoga-based recovery is likely to improve some aspects of academic and athletic performance, as well as overall greater wellbeing upon completion of the recommended intervention.

Fireflow offers private, semi-privates and small sessions in our garden studio down the road from Fiesta Farms, a short walk from Christie Station. For the price of a little more than a regular drop-in class experience the benefits of a personalized practice. Try it out.

$100 (+HST) for 2 sessions ($50/session). Bring up to 4 people.

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