Yoga for Flexibility and Healing Chronic Pain

When I first began practicing I equated sweat and effort to mean I was doing things right. If a pose felt strained I assume it meant I was working hard and that was good. I would enter a twist white knuckling my way into it, clenching my face, and using any way I knew to exert effort. I would be told to breathe into it which made little sense at the time. How open up by letting go and using the breathe ?
— Jonathan

Students come to yoga for various reasons.  It’s a way to exercise, stretch and relax interwoven into a single practice.   It is more than stretching.   All sessions moves through a series of poses while maintaining a steady breathing pattern.  When done correctly yoga relieves chronic pain, increases flexibility, and strengthens core muscles. Gain confidence in a safe, welcoming environment.

Yoga seems to help alleviate lower back pain, improve strength and flexibility, and reduce inflammation in the body — which, in turn, can help stave off chronic disease and death. Emerging research suggests yoga can increase body awareness, or attention to the sensations and things going on inside you. That’s no small matter: Researchers think heightened body awareness can improve how well people take care of themselves.
— Julia Belluz, I read more than 50 scientific studies about yoga. Here's what I learned

Yoga can be done in a large class at a gym or studio or watching an online video. The most effective way to practice involves doing a practice tailored to your specific needs. Work closely with a teacher to provide specific feedback to make yoga work at its full capacity. Not convinced ? Come try out the introductory offer to experience the difference.

Fireflow offers private, semi-privates and small sessions in our garden studio down the road from Fiesta Farms, a short walk from Christie Station. For the price of a little more than a regular drop-in class experience the benefits of a personalized practice.

$100 (+HST) for 2 sessions ($50/session). Bring up to 4 people.

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