Yoga Works When Tailored to the Needs of the Individual


You don’t expect a doctor to prescribe the exact same remedies for every patient.  Every body has different needs. Some people are more flexible than others. We can all use a little r&r.


Increase Flexibility,Relieve Back Pain

Doctors recommend yoga to relieve stress and increase flexibility. It is a proven and safe way to increase overall mobility, relieve back pain, and feel stronger and more energized. Each session concludes with a short relaxation which induces deep relaxation.

Like medicine there are different kinds and different dosages. Which type of yoga best suits your needs ? 

Yoga is thought to have great potential mental and physical health benefits. However, given the great variability of yoga practices and teaching styles, caution is required and yoga practices need to be tailored to the individual.
— American Journal of Roentgenology. 2012;199: 413-418)