Fireflow Yoga Opened In November 2007

Jonathan Perlman opened Fireflow Yoga in 2007 determined inspired by his experience with yoga. He found an empty second floor space, hired his favourite teachers, and created Fireflow - a made up name combing the fire and heat generated doing yoga while flowing through a series of poses. Fireflow was the first Toronto yoga studio to use group - attracting close to 1,500 students over 2 years through the then popular medium. The served the midtown community for 9 years. We held several teacher training and brought in world renowned teachers. It has always been the aim to strive to present the best yoga period. We hosted Matthew Sweeney multiple time, Mark Darby delivered workshops and training, and Danny Paradise generously visited us whenever he would come through down to visit his 100 year old father. Danny first introduced yoga to Sting in the early 1990’s which partially led to the growth of yoga in North America.


In 2016 we opened the Garden studio near Christie Pitts.  We host small yoga sessions.

We teach yoga inspired by Mark Darby, Matthew Sweeney, Danny Paradise, & Ron Reid.  The meditation inspiration comes from Jon Kabbat-Zin, Shinzen Young, and Jeff Warren.


Work Slowly and Hard

We work slowly and focus upon proper alignment. Such attention ensures maximum benefits from yoga.  Every body has different body types, needs, and goals.  Every yoga pose can work to your needs when you learn how to move in a certain way.   Such attention works to both keep you safe and make sure you get the most out of your time and classes.   After each session expect to feel both energized and relaxed. 


What Can I Expect ?

Expect to use blocks, blankets, bolsters and terra bands.  

Expect to be challenged.  


About the Owner and Lead Instructor

Jonathan Perlman founded Fireflow in 2007 and began teaching in 2008.  He has no innate flexibility.  After experiencing body pain following a hockey game he began looking for ways to shape his body.  Over many years, many trips to India, and lots of practice he slowly worked his way through many types of yoga.  He opened a studio as an entrepreneurial endeavour and later began teaching.  He has studied with many of the world’s leading yoga teachers.  Jonathan straddles between the world of business and yoga.  He is currently completing with MBA at the Schulich School of Business in Toronto.   He started Fireflow from scratch and has attracted over 8,000 students  He provides consulting and strategic services for small business, and in particular yoga and fitness studio. 

Teaching in the Garden studio is a great privilege. It energizes and fulfills me to help people move better, get stronger, and leave more relaxed and open.
— Jonathan